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Advancing the Careers of Women Executives

I've observed that the most successful women recognize their unique abilities AND can articulate their value in-person and online. Women executives and rising leaders seeking to advance their careers rely on me to help them identify and ‘sell’ their marketable quirks.

I have a gift for helping women realize their own version of success by empowering them with options. Having choices doesn’t sound sexy but they provide us with freedom, which is ultimately what we’re all after.

Quirk clients increase their options and freedom through curated executive resumes and LinkedIn profiles, personal branding, and career consulting on a range of topics including job search strategy, interview preparation, and compensation negotiation.

Quirk clients...

  • Are women executives or rising professionals

  • Earn or target a 6- or 7-figure salary

  • Challenge the status quo, make bold decisions, and believe its possible to live the life they’ve imagined

  • Are ready to identify and embrace their quirks to set themselves apart from the competition

  • Help others realize their version of success, too, by celebrating their quirks and providing them opportunities to leverage and develop their strengths

I promote your quirks so you’re recognized for exceptional work.

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